Using electroneuromyography to assess the severity of Bell's paralysis

  • Л. А. Исакова Syktyvkar State University named after Pitirim Sorokin
  • Г. О. Пенина Saint-Petersburg Postgraduate Institute of Medical Experts
Keywords: Bell's palsy, electrophysiological tests, amplitude of muscle action potential, Blink reflex


In the article present the result analysis electrophysiological tests idiopathic neuropathy of facial nerve. 36 patients with clinical signs of Bell's palsy were included in our investigation. We analyzed the degree of facial muscle palsy and electrophysiological tests (amplitude and latency of muscle action potential, latency of early and late component of Blink reflex). Our investigation show that the main indicator determining the severity of facial nerve damage is the amplitude of muscle action potential the ENMG-study no earlier than 5 days from the onset of the disease.

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Исакова, Л., & Пенина, Г. (2017). Using electroneuromyography to assess the severity of Bell’s paralysis. Bulletin of the International Scientific Surgical Association, 6(2), 12-17. Retrieved from
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