Teaching English for medical students

  • Е. В. Родин Saint-Petersburg Postgraduate Institute of Medical Experts
  • Н. Г. Травникова Saint-Petersburg Postgraduate Institute of Medical Experts
Keywords: Education, English, medical students, doctors, Medical English, psychological problems, Russian medical universities


This article discusses the problem of the necessity of teaching English for medical students in Russia. The authors state that English is crucial not only for education purposes but also for promoting Russian scientific traditions globally. It is reasonably argued that certain linguistic and psychological aspects should be borne in mind while teaching English for housemen and post-graduate students.

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Родин, Е., & Травникова, Н. (2018). Teaching English for medical students. Bulletin of the International Scientific Surgical Association, 6(2), 22-23. Retrieved from http://surgjournal.ru/index.php/BISSA/article/view/14
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