New native multifunctional medication olipyphate (ligfol).

  • В. А. Филов N.N.Petrov Institute of Oncology
  • А. М. Беркович Pharmaceutic company Ligpharm
Keywords: Olipyphate, Ligfol, adaptogene, reparative action, antitumor action, hepatite C


One gets Olipyphate out of lignine with the help of alkaline hydrolysis under high temperature and pressure and subsequent multistep treatment of the product of reaction. The technology is patented in Russia, the USA, European Community, South Korea etc., and the medicine has been investigated in regard of many hinds of biologic activity. There are no manifestations of toxic actions in the therapeutic doses. Olipyphate shows reparative properties and is an adaptogen with a strong stress-correction action. In experiment it reveals antitumor properties and treats hepatite C. Under the name Ligfol it is used in veterinary. Its clinical tests are finished; it has shown positive results in oncological climes.


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