Cerebral stroke at inhabitants of Republic Komi

  • В. Ю. Сахаров Komi branch of the Kirov state medical academy
  • Г. О. Пенина Komi branch of the Kirov state medical academy
Keywords: brain stroke, morbidity, mortality, Komi Republic


The studying of the morbidity and mortality rate from the brain stroke at inhabitants of Komi Republic and also studying of a brain stroke structure on the data of the republican branch of neurology were the purpose of the present work. On our data, the growth of the number of patients with cerebrovascular pathology is expected in republic. City dwellers suffer from insults more often, than rural. The mortality at inhabitants of northern territories as a result of a stroke is higher. According to republican branch of neurology the frequency of ischemic strokes is authentically (р<0,05) higher, than hemorrhagic ones. Strokes at men and in carotid pool are registered more often. The transient ischemic attack are marked in vertebrobasilare pool more often.


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