The frequency, risk factors and lethality from the cerebral stroke of inhabitants of syktyvkar

  • В. Н. Бутиков SE RK «Komi Republican hospital»
  • Г. О. Пенина Komi branch SEE HPE «Kirov state medical academy», Syktyvkar, Russia
Keywords: a cerebral stroke, risk factors, lethality, age


The data on the patients with the cerebral stroke in December 2007 - January, 2008 (winter period) were investigated. The middle age of them was 66,86±12,63 years. The middle age of women was authentic higher, than the men's one (р<0,05). The lethality from the cerebral stroke was 10,89%. The relative amount of first cerebral stroke authentically is more, than amount of repeated ones (р<0,001). The not specified cerebral stroke was diagnosed most frequently. The cerebral stroke caused of the embolization of the brain arteries and of the thrombosis of arteries was determined authentically less (р<0,001). The analysis of the "risk factors" of cerebral stroke shows the authentic prevalence of arterial hypertenen- sion, dyslipidemia and diseases of heart. Such risk factors as a smoking and a diabetes met much less (p < 0,005) .


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Частота встречаемости, факторы риска и смертность от инсультов жителей г. Сыктывкара
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