Characteristic features of cerebral haemodynamics of the patients suffering systematic lupus

  • Г. А. Максимов GU RK "Cardiological Dispensary", Syktyvkar, Russia
Keywords: systematic lupus, cerebral haemodynamics, chronic cerebral hypoxia, MRA cerebral vascula tests, vascula immune disorder


The problem of cerebral blood circulation disorder which is the result of the vascula nerve system disbalance, has been one of most important up today. An investigation was conducted aimed at defining specific cerebral haemodynamics, as well as cerebrum system shifts, typical for various stages of chronic cerebral hypoxia among patients suffering lupus. The patients were thoroughly examined, MRA included. The tested patients, suffering systematic lupus with clear features of cerebral vasculite showed decreasing cerebral blood flow. MRA cerebral vascula tests, combined with ophthalmophotography data, demonstrated volumetrical blood flow change, which testifies to the fact that not only small and medium - sized cerebral vascula suffered current immune disorder, but big vascula as well


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