The rоutine muscle plastic reconstruction as prevention of prosthetic vascular graft infection

  • В. Княжев Vascular Surgery Clinic, MBAL “St.Anna”, Varna, Bulgaria
  • Д. Големанов Vascular Surgery Clinic, MBAL “St.Anna”, Varna, Bulgaria
  • Св. Хрелев Vascular Surgery Clinic, MBAL “St.Anna”, Varna, Bulgaria
  • М. Манолов Vascular Surgery Clinic, MBAL “St.Anna”, Varna, Bulgaria
  • П. Костов Vascular Surgery Clinic, MBAL “St.Anna”, Varna, Bulgaria
Keywords: vascular prosthesis, muscle repair, infection, treatment, vascular surgery


The infection of the artificial vascular prothesis is a complication with extremely severe and dangerous consequences and is most often observed in the region of the operative wound below the level of lig. Inguinalis. For more than eight years in the clinic along with the other common methods of prevention of prosthetic graft infections, as perioperative antibiotic prevention, usage of operation foil, rational vascular approach, atraumatic technique, etc. , the preventive plastic reconstruction of the prosthesis with partially isolated musculus sartorius. The described method was applied to 38 patients by aorto-bifemoral bypass (76 limbs), in 42 cases of aorto — or ilio — monofemoral reconstruction as well as bilateral to 13 patients with extra-anatomic femoro-femoral bypass graft or altogether to 144 limbs. The used method of approach is easily performed. It does not lengthen the time of the operation and makes it possible to fully cover the front surface of the prothesis which is a good prevention against possible infections in the region of the wound.


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