Pathological biomechanics of craniovertebral junction spondylitis

  • А. М. Киселев Scientific-research institute of Phtisiopulmonology
  • В. Н. Лавров Scientific-research institute of Phtisiopulmonology
  • П. В. Кротенков Moscow regional scientific-research clinical institution
  • И. В. Есин Moscow regional scientific-research clinical institution
Keywords: spondylitis, cranio-vertebral junction, biomechanics, combined spondylodesis


The choice of management for craniovertebral junction (CVJ) spondylitis should be based both on morphologic and biomechanical changes of this region. Utilizing biomechanical concept of Denis, we proposed three column model of CVJ, that explain biomechanical changes in spondylitis, caused by the forces of the tonic muscles and cantilever location of the head. Proposed biomechanical model determines the tactics of surgical management, based on restoration of the affected CVJ columns.


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