Catheter for drainage a hyperreflex bladder at children

  • А. Е. Ерекешов Kazakh State Medical Academy
  • Б. М. Майлыбаев Kazakh State Medical Academy
  • А. Ж. Айнакулов Kazakh State Medical Academy
Keywords: Catheter, drainage, hyperreflection bladder, children


By authors it is developed and offered for introduction in a clinical practice of urology of children's age effective urethral cateter for a hyperreflex bladder.Cateter it is executed from a bioinert, elastic material, possesses self-keeping effect. Cateter it is used at a reflux, obstructive megaureter, and also in the early postoperative period at operations of creation artificialis urethras at children with hipospadia.
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Ерекешов, А., Майлыбаев, Б., & Айнакулов, А. (2007). Catheter for drainage a hyperreflex bladder at children. Bulletin of the International Scientific Surgical Association, 2(1), 36-37. Retrieved from
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