The vascular neurologic pathology and its basic tendencies

(according to the city district syktyvkar)

  • М. В. Данилов City hospital of Ezhva area
  • Г. О. Пенина Komi branch of the Kirov state medical academy
Keywords: the vascular neurologic pathology, frequency, Syktyvkar


By the method of continuous research we analyzed all the cases of a neurologic pathology for three years (2003 - 2005) in Syktyvkar. Our research shows, that there is the positive tendency in disease by a vascular neurologic pathology in Syktyvkar last years. It is expedient to strengthen work on revealing neurologic diseases in connection with absence of trust to the observable positive tendency. In view of that parameters of neurologic desease across Syktyvkar exceed the Federal level, development and strengthening of city neurologic service is necessary


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