Pathological breaks of spine at patients with vertebral - spinal trauma in sharp and early periods

  • А. М. Янковский City Hospital № 17. Saint Petersburg
Keywords: Spinal injuries, athological fractures, surgical treatment


In the article the results of surgical treatment are examined 25 patients with the pathological breaks of spine entering sharp period of vertebral-spinal trauma (VST) in city permanent establishments for period from 1995 to 2000 years. The I group is chronic inflammatory diseases of spine (11 patients - 44,0%). The II group is by volumes formations of bodies of vertebrae are 8 patients (32,0%). The III group is the tumours offabrics round a spine with the germination and presence of the second disintegration of bodies of vertebrae are 6 patients (24,0%). On etiology of VST: 8 patients (72,0%) suffered as a result of road traffic accidents, as a result falling from a height suffered 3 patients (12,0%), falling on the back or buttocks - 4 patients (16,0%).The estimation of neurological was conducted on classification of ASIA and adaptation scale. Surgical classification of tumours of K Tomita was of surgical treatment was estimated on the formula of et Excellent (complete renewal) - 48%; good (renewal more than 50%) - 36%; satisfactory (from 10 to 50%) - 8,0%; bad (to 10%) - 8,0%.Remote results to 5 years: Lethality in II and the III groups made 24% (6 patients) in terms from 15 months to 3 years ( middle index of 1,8 year). As results showed surgical classification of K Tomita.(1997) can with success be used for the choice of surgical tactic at patients with the pathological breaks in different etiologic groups.


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