Possibilities of comprehensive use of ultrasonic tomography in differential diagnostics of acute destructive pancreatitis

  • А. В. Мамошин Regional Clinical Hospital of Orel, Russia.
Keywords: ultrasound tomography, puncture - aspiration biopsy, acute pancreatitis


49 patients (38 men and 11 women, aged 22 to 77) suspected of destructive pancreatitis were examined by means of colour doppler mapping and power doppler application with subsequent spot puncture under ultrasonic guidance. The diagnosis is based on comparative quantitative assessment of doppler signals in equal segments of the thickness of the pancreas and its surface. The method is of high specificity and allows accurate localization of necrotic zones to intake cellular material from by means of fine-needle aspiration under ultrasonic guidance. It makes diagnosis of destructive pancreatitis timely and, as a result, increases efficiency of medical treatment. Sensitivity of dopplerography attained 85,47 per cent, specificity - 90,4 per cent, diagnostic efficiency - 89,6 per cent.


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