Possibility of miniinvasive surgery in treatment of liver echinococcosis

  • С. Э. Мамараджабов Samarkand Medical Institute
Keywords: surgery, echinococcosis, liver


Minimal invasive surgery makes it possible to lower operations traumatism, the rate and severity of complications. Clinical material is presented by 234 patients with echinococcosis of liver at 15 to 62 years of age, of them 2/3 females. Laparoscopic echinococcectomy from the liver had been performed to 9 patients, the evidence of this operation was presented by noncomplicated echinococcus cysts 5 sm in diameter without inclusions, located in III,IV,V and partial II, VI segments of liver. Contraindications to miniinvasive treatment were operations performed on the upper floor of abdominal cavity, cysts of large size, presence of inclusions inside the cyst, localization of cyst in УП,УШ segments of liver. Liver echinococcectomy through minilaparotomy was performed in 63 patients using by instruments of “Mini-assist”. 169 patients were performed liver echinococcectomy from the laparotomic interventions. We did not mark intra and post operative complications while performing laparoscopic echinococcectomy and echinococ- cectomy from minilaparotomic intervention. In 6 observations in performing laparoscopic echinococcectomy there was required a change to minilaparotomy. The patients stay in the hospital after laparoscopic echinococcectomy was 4,5±1,5 days, after minilaparatomy 5,8±1,4 days. In the group of patients with echinococcectomy from liver performed from laparotomic intervention there were postoperative complications in 3,33 % patients. There were no lethal cases.
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