Research in vitro influence degree of venous valvular stenosis on dynamics of fluid flow

  • О. А. Кудрявцева I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy, Moscow, Russia
Keywords: vein, in vitro, artificial venous valve, stenosis, volume rate flow


A significant number new patents design of artificial venous valves (AVV) need for comparison studies. Purpose of this study was to investigate in vitro influence degree of stenosis as the result of AVV on dynamics offluid flow. Mod¬els of AVV manufactured from polymer were subjects of this study. Each model of AVV was having definite outflow cross-sectional area been examined. For different antegrate pressure was determined volume rate flow and fluid resistance in the cases with and without models of AVV. Degree of venous valvular stenosis is significance factor which have influence on fluid resistance, below 70% degree of venous valvular stenosis fluid resistance rises slowly, in the range 70 - 85 % has essential increase value and over 85 % was noted sharp rise of fluid resistance . Keywords:


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