Initial clinical experience in endovenous laser ablation (evla) of venous insufficiency in lower extremity. Аnalysis of early efficacy and complications

  • В. Княжев Vascular Surgery Clinic, Medical University - Varna, Bulgaria
  • Н. Дончев Vascular Surgery Clinic, Medical University - Varna, Bulgaria
  • Н. Манолов Vascular Surgery Clinic, Medical University - Varna, Bulgaria
  • Т. Драгнева Vascular Surgery Clinic, Medical University - Varna, Bulgaria
  • Н. Белчев Vascular Surgery Clinic, Medical University - Varna, Bulgaria
  • К. Тютюнджиев Vascular Surgery Clinic, Medical University - Varna, Bulgaria
Keywords: endovenous laser ablation, Chronic Venous Insufficiency


The aim of our study was to report our experience in the endovenous laser ablation of 58 patients with Chronic Venous Insufficiency. The mean age was 41,1 years old, 36 (62,1%) women and 22 (37,9%) men. The CEAP classifi¬cations of the limbs were 37 at C3, 12 at C4, 6 at C5 at 3 at C6. A high reflux, resulting from an insufficiency in the incompetent saphenous vein and saphenofemoral junction, was detected in all patients. It was combined with insufficiency of the incompetent perforators in 49 patients and with total lesion of the GSV with eczematization and varicose ulcers in 9 patients. Patients were treated with 980nm diode laser energy, which was delivered at 10 - 15 Wpulse mode, depending on the treated venous segment. Complete occlusion was achieved in 93,1% and in the other 4 patients (6,9%) a crossectomy was performed. We observed a restricted dermal burn (0,6x1,0 sm.) in 1 patient and haematomas in the region of the proximal access in 2 patients. Nine patients had ecchymoses. In the late postoperative period (3-9 months) we observed the following complications: transitory induration of the saphenous vein right after the procedure for 1-3 months in 52 patients; skin pigmentation in 2 patients. Partial recanalization of the proximal segment of GSV in 4 sm. extent was found in 1 patient during the control Duplex- scaning. Relieve of symptoms cause from venous insufficiency (edema, heavy legs, pain and discomfort), was observed in all the patients. In 3 patients was observed healing of the varicose ulcers for 6 months.


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